A talented film producer and director of Hollywood

The famous American director, producer, and scriptwriter Bryan Jay Singer was born on 17th September 1965. He was known for his blockbuster movies like X-men, Superman, etc. around the globe. He took birth in the New York City of United States. Singer was adopted and brought up by a Jewish Family. His adopted mother Grace used to play the role of a social activist while his father Norbert Singer was known as a corporate professional. However, people don’t know anything about Singer’s biological parents. It is believed that his biological mother used to live in England.

Bryan Singer was an introverted person by nature. He showed his excellence in film-making since his childhood days. While he was studying in school, he used to make 80 mm short films. He was quite different from other students. when others were busy playing tennis or football on the ground, he was busy making short films. Besides filmmaking, he showed his interest in photography too. He even set up a darkroom in the house where he used to conduct his film-making activities.

At the beginning of his career, Bryan Singer directed many short films. His first short movie Lion’s Den was 25 minutes short movie that was released in 1988 and it was an award-winning short movie. The movie was directed based on the story of five school friends who drifted a lot over a period of six months after completing high school education. Singer directed this movie for $1500. But this movie brought many new opportunities to him and he directed many blockbuster movies that received praise all over the globe.

The first success in Bryan Singer’s career came in the year 1993 with the movie Public Access. It was the first movie directed by him. The movie received applause from the Grand Jury at Film Festival and the movie received an award in the year 1993. After the release of the movie, Singer was taken seriously by the Hollywood film industry. His excellence and skills started getting compliments in almost all spheres. After Public Access, he directed another major movie named “the Unusual”. This movie was acclaimed for its exceptional screenplay. While directing this movie, Singer received financial assistance from a German establishment. They provided the initial funding for this movie. The story of this movie is based on a planned robbery.

Bryan Singer directed many other blockbusters and Oscar-winning movies that receive acclamation around the globe.

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Bryan Singer; best film maker Valkyrie (2008)

After three consecutive comic book adaptations (X-Men in 2000, its sequel in 2003 and Superman Returns in 2006), Bryan Singer was in the market for something different. Singer read the script of Valkyrie, based on a true story set in Nazi Germany in WWII. The script, co-written by his high school friend and ex-colleague Christopher McGuire who secured an academy award on his script for The Usual Suspects (1995), was an opportunity Singer couldn’t miss. McGuire was a big draw to the film for Singer, considering they used to make WWII films in his backyard when they was younger, it was a chance to revisit his past. He had touched upon the Nazi subject matter in Act pupil (1998) and X-Men, not to mention that thrillers had defined his early career in films such as The Usual Suspects (1995), yet Valkyrie marks his first historical film.

Set in 1944 Nazi Germany, the tense and compelling thriller is based on the well-known large-scale conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler. It centres around Col. Claus Stauffenberg (Tom cruise) joining a group of high-ranking like-minded men who want to overthrow the Nazi regime from within and so plan the daring coup on 20 July to use the ‘Operation Valkyrie’ to seize control from the evil dictator.

Valkyrie was the first time Singer has made a film with a movie star- Tom Cruise. It is easy to forget now that we have huge stars in X-Men like Hugh Jackman, that Singer has not previously worked with movie stars before this but with actors that went on to become stars after his films. Singer is able to elicit suspense from this story with a foregone conclusion (as we know the conspirators didn’t succeed) and he doesn’t do things by halves, in fact this move took two years in the making and around 90 million dollars to get to our screens. Valkyrie was nominated for best director and best actor (Tom Cruise) at the Saturn Awards and is rated a respectable 7.1 on IMDB.


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